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Buying a Used Wafer Dryer has both cost and delivery benefits. We have a handful of used IPA Wafer Dryers on hand. This Marangoni Dryer is made in the likeness of the very familiar YieldUp model. It is in excellent condition and comes with an unconditional satisfaction guaranty.
It is a licensed copy of the well known 'Yield Up' IPA STG wafer dryer, often referred to as a YUP Dryer. It was manufactured 2012 brand new under a licensed agreement with the OEM.

These systems are still fully supported.
This Marangoni dryer has been professionally removed from the FAB and is now ready for immediate shipment.
Typical process includes the following three steps:

Step 1: Rinse
Rinsing remove any access chemical, residue, and/or debris from the cassette of wafers. The user places the cassette of wafers into the process chamber. The process chamber safety lid is closed and the recipe driven controller initiates a Cascade Rinse. Water is introduced from below until the tank is filled and begins to overflow. The overflowing waste water is captured in a weir and then drained via the system’s plenum. The rinse process time is recipe programmable and should be long enough to assure a clean water surface.

Step 2: Surface Tension Gradient
Once the wafers are adequately rinsed and completely submerged in DI Water, the recipe driven controller activates the IPA bubbler. An N2:IPA Vapor from the bubbler is introduced into the process chamber while the DI Water is slowly drained. A surface tension gradient is formed between the DI Water surface and the IPA Vapor. This STG action removes water from the wafer (and cassette) at the interface between the DI Water and the IPA Vapor. Very little IPA is consumed in each STG process.

Step 3: Hot N2 Flow
After the STG step, the recipe driven controller initiates a high flow of hot N2. This process step serves to purge IPA from the chamber and provides a final dry. For a typical process, N2 leaves the system’s heaters at 130C and enters the process chamber at roughly 65C. This hot N2 flows through a network of nozzles integrated into the chamber’s safety lid. The process time is recipe programmable.

At the end of the process, an audible alarm notifies the user that the wafers are ready to be unloaded. The user can then open the chamber lid and remove the dried cassette of wafers.

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