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We have an assortment of pre-owned semiconductor Deionized Water Heaters on hand For Sale "as is" or refurbished with installation, startup, and warranty.
Ultra pure DI Water heaters are commonly used in semiconductor wet process applications. There are a variety of processes requiring elevated rinse water temperatures. For example, when wafers are pulled from hot SPM, they should always be rinsed with hot DI Water. In the case of ambient water rinses, the hot SPM inevitably drips into the ambient rinse water resulting in popping and splattering of chemical all over the bench.

Avoiding thermal shock is part of achieving good yield. This applies not only to sulfuric, but to hot phosphoric, HF, and other processes as well. Improperly cold rinsing causes the thermal shock that all too often creates the messy stains found in and around the wet bench.

Data suggests that hot rinses are more effective for dissolving and washing away unwanted contaminants and debris. Therefore, it takes less time to thoroughly rinse wafers with hot water over ambient temperature water. Less rinse time means less DI water is consumed in the elevated temperature scenario. And, because the rinse times are shorter, the overall throughput of the bench is improved.
Among the world’s most respected names in Semiconductor DI Water Heaters are Kimmon, Komatsu, and Fuji. From the ground up, these OEMs designed their ultrapure systems to comply with the strictest purity requirements. These brand name DI Water Heaters have strong marketshare and are among the industry's most accepted systems.

WetBenchUSA is a proud provider of high quality PreOwned DI Water Heating Systems. Our systems are pre-owned and refurbished versions of these high end OEMs. Our systems meet or exceed original equipment specs and come with installation, integration, start up assistance, training and 90 days of comprehensive warranty. We also stock parts and service these units for our clients.
If you have need to add DI Water heating capacity, we offer the same trusted brand names products at a fraction of the cost new. And our lead time is very favorable; often immediate because we typically stock these units in house. In fact, we now have 15ea units on hand ranging from 6 LPM to 36 LPM flow capacity.

For low price, low risk, and immediate delivery, please contact us.
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